For the Army Adjutant General's Corps

AGCRA devotes its efforts and activities to the aims and purposes generally set forth in it’s Constitution and Bylaws, and to such other supplemental directives and objectives as may be approved by the Executive Council – including but not limited to:

Sponsoring new HR methods, improved techniques, developments, and other innovations designed to increase the efficiency of the United States Army, while promoting high standards of proficiency in members of the Adjutant General’s Corps and Army’s Human Resources Community.

Providing a forum for the mutual exchange and discussion of ideas and information of interest to members of the Association.

Promoting Esprit de Corps among all members of the Association through AGCRA events, the sale of unique AG related merchandise, and execution of an aggressive awards program.

Encouraging improvements in research and development programs in the fields of personnel, administration, and human resources management; as well as postal operations, recruiting & retention, and Army Band operations.

Researching, recording, and perpetuating an understanding of the history of the Adjutant General’s Corps and the Association.